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Simple Clothing Labels
Simple Clothing Labels Light Colour
Simple Clothing Labels
Simple Clothing Labels Light Colour

Got some clothes to label but not super keen on dinosaurs, mermaids or tropical fruit? Never fear, our Simple Labels are here! The perfect pack to help you put iron-on name labels on all your "can't afford to lose" clothing for all ages. There is a great selection of nice and plain designs to choose from, in a range of colours, and the labels come in 2 different sizes to help match with all the different shapes and sizes of your clothing. With up to 176 labels in our Large Pack, that's a lot of clothing that should come home no matter what. Hooray!

Basic Pack (88 Labels): 88 Clothing Labels (2 sheets)
Large Pack (176 Labels): 176 Clothing Labels (4 sheets)

Clothing Labels (44 per sheet):

  1. • 12 Medium Labels (33.5 x 19mm)
  2. • 32 Small Labels (24.5 x 14mm)

Our iron-on name labels are great for labelling your clothing and will stay put through the wear and tear of washing machines and tumble dryers.

Clothing Label Features

  1. 1. Preheat DRY iron to medium heat.
  2. 2. Peel off the label & place onto fully dry garment, text side up. Please note: Labels applied to damp garments will not adhere properly.
  3. 3. Cover label with supplied parchment paper & press firmly with iron for 10-20 seconds. DO NOT move iron around.
  4. 4. If edges are not fully stuck (try peeling label off with fingernail), you may need to increase temperature, pressure or time & repeat above steps.
  5. 5. Safety Check: Before giving any name labelled item to small children, check that the name labels are fully and safely adhered.
WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard.

Please note: If garment is not suitable for hot iron please be careful and iron at own risk. Never iron directly onto the label.