Effortlessly align & space your photos & images with our unique templating solution. Easily remove & reposition many times over. Expertly printed onto a finely woven and subtly textured fabric. Our Photo Wall comes in a range of sizes that work together with growing savings the more you buy!






Introducing Tilly & Terry Templates… they're here to help you effortlessly align and perfectly space your Mini and Standard photos. You’ll have an amazing, professional looking Photo Wall in minutes. Tilly & Terry can be purchased separately but come FREE with orders of 36 Photos or more (3 packs).

We print your photos in HD colour onto a fine weave, subtle textured fabric. This special material has a beautiful satin finish, doesn’t damage your walls and can be easily removed and repositioned many times over. No more nails, no more alignment & spacing headaches, no more damaged walls!


Come gather 'round people, Wherever you roam. And admit that the wall decor, Around you is... old. Feeling like the times need a changin’? Add more photos, take others off, change arrangements, change walls. Change your house. It’s easy, flexible and affordable!


Is that really-very-empty blank wall with no character whatsoever looking to be refreshed? Or quickly need to hide those very obvious and 'attractive' nail holes in the wall? Then Photo Wall is here to help...

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It’s nice to be loved, we won’t lie. And, well, ah, yes, we kind of have been featured all over the interwebs and have thousands of 5 star reviews. And, ok yes in 2020 and 2019 we did win Australian Online Retailer of the Year two years in a row! And yes, in 2017 we did kind of win Best Customer Service. AND our mothers are very, very proud.

Oh we do go on, don’t we.

6 Kids, a Big Blank Wall & Lots of Perfectly Aligned Photos
(A true story from Mike, Founder of Tinyme)

We have 6 kids, and quite a big house, and a lot of nice photos and art on our walls, but our photo wall, which admittedly is very large and has over 250 photos, is what people ALWAYS comment on when they come around.

A few years ago, after a renovation and a new large blank wall, I made a custom template so I could perfectly space and align all the photos I’d printed. It made it so easy my young kids could help me put them up. People would just love looking at it and would continually ask “How did you get it all so perfect and aligned?” and if I could help them do the same thing at their house.

Over the years I added photos (baby number 6 arrived!) and swapped photos (wife not so sure about that one any more) which was too easy, they simply peel on and off with no damage, even after years. From this, and after multiple rounds of refinement and testing, we launched Tinyme Photo Wall with it’s unique templating system so everyone can make their own, “How did you do that?” photo wall.

Keen for more Tinyme photos in your world? Then head over to Mosaics by Tinyme. Like Photo Wall our Mosaics are wall-friendly, repositionable, and consist of an ever growing range of Mosaics. Choose from our library of artwork or upload your very own photo. Explore our Mosaics range here.