Wooden Mega Shapes Puzzle

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Our classic Wooden Mega Shapes Puzzle will have your child's shape knowledge 'ship shape' in no time! 
Featuring 3 unique uses to maximise your child’s learning, our Wooden Mega Shapes Puzzle is the perfect tool for teaching your child their shapes!
With an emphasis on colour matching, the front of the puzzle focuses on teaching your child to match each shape with it’s corresponding colour.

Too easy? Flip the puzzle over to discover the printed collection of shapes which focuses on shape matching (rather than colour). The printed shapes also integrate a unique ‘finger tracing’ element to assist with developing early drawing techniques.

Educational, fun and easy... what more could a mum want?! 

• 3 unique uses to maximise your child’s learning
• Generous sizing measures 415mm x 294mm
• 10mm thick, brightly coloured laser-cut wooden shapes
• Made with non-toxic materials
• Designed by and available exclusively from Tinyme
• Suitable for children over the age of 18 months

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